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Holy Cow News!!!

*Had my first comic strip ever published! It's in Odium Comics #1, July 2012, published by the amazing artist Royce Idol. What a thrill! I'll have contact info here shortly.

55 Word Fiction: Grime Quarterly, a great online art and literature magazine, published three of my 55-word short stories July 2012. You can download the magazine for free. Read these stories, and other weird 55 word short stories of mine, by clicking on WRITING, top of this page.

* My film FLESH ORGY OF THE ZOMBIE TOTEM (photo above) last played July 18, 2009 at the fabulous Arkansas Underground Film Festival, alongside works by Andy Warhol, Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali, George Kuchar, and many other giants of underground/avant-garde film! My film SEASON'S GREETINGS played February 21, 2009 at the sold-out Play Ground Short Shorts Film Festival in Duluth, Minnesota. Click FILMS, top of page, for more info.  

* Two very short films of mine are now on YouTube. They are musical birthday tributes to my longtime partner in crime Chuck Barber. The 2011 video features Chuck's amazing artwork and photography, along with my tasteful musical accompaniment. The 2012 video features... well, one of the weirdest musical instruments ever created.

* I am a quote! I was poking around on Black Crayon, a cool individualist anarchist site, browsing quotes by some of my heroes like Lysander Spooner, Robert Anton Wilson,  Murray Rothbard, and Auberon Herbert, and some of the other great figures in anarchist thought (Emma Goldman, Benjamin Tucker, Thoreau, Kropotkin and more), and I was startled to come across a quote by... me! The quote was from my Amazon.com review of Rothbard's libertarian classic For A New Liberty. I am honored to be in such company!  UPDATE: The same quote has found its way into a second outstanding collection of anarchist quotes.

* My article "How I Learned To Stop Fooling Around And Became A Glamorous Award-Winning Festivalized Filmmaker Instead" is in an online ebook of filmmakers' stories, by the Filmmaking Story Project. The book is free to read online.

* Short political op-eds of mine are in the current issue of The Liberator Online, world's largest-circulation libertarian publication, which I also edit. Back issues, all but a handful of which feature my short articles in the "Good News, Bad News, Unbelievable News" section, are available from that link, too.

USE MY STUFF: FILM FESTIVALS, WEB SITES, ZINES, ETC: I welcome your use of the material at this site. Just email me for permission. I'll gladly send review copies of my films to any legit film festival, cable show, or similar event or venue.

YOU CAN NOW BUY ME BOOKS! Seriously, I have a Wish List at Amazon. So if you feel so compelled, buy me some of these cool books! I'll send you a personalized thank you card and a mystery gift!

ELSEWHERE ON THE WEB: I'm searching for a better solution for hosting my music. Right now, best places to hear and download my music are:  MySpace   MohawkRadio   Punkrockers.com

AKA: Jimmy Harris, Jim Harris. Attended Columbus High School 1968-1972; Columbus College 1972-1976; opened and operated Jim's Newsstand in Auburn, Alabama 1978-1980.



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